Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP and Job Change

We are experiencing a period of uncertainty where jobs are no longer as secure as they used to be and life-long careers with one company are now extremely rare. We are seeing an unprecedented number of people taking a long hard look at their working life and considering their options. At this time of transition [...]

Build your confidence with NLP

Often when people talk about things that they want, or would like to change in their life, they eventually get to “I’m just not as confident I would like to be” or “I need more self-confidence”.  So here are a few words on the subject and how NLP can provide all the confidence you need [...]

The 4 D’s of Defence

What do you do when you have done something wrong, made a mistake, or been caught out or just don’t want to take responsibility for your actions? We ask this because how you deal with these situations can be a real block to moving forward. We love our work which helps people to learn about [...]

Breaking habits and keeping the benefits

Sometimes we have behaviours and habits that don’t make much sense to us. We find ourselves repeatedly taking that extra glass of wine too much, getting angry with the driver in front of us, eating that unhealthy food, putting off that decision until it’s made for us, being impatient just at the wrong time, slipping [...]

What’s more important, the Goal or How You Get There?

A key addition to the Well-Formed Outcome concept (see here for more about WFO’s) that we use at Field & Field is the idea that each Outcome or Goal is essentially two Goals: 1. The end destination 2. The path taken to reach it You can use the NLP concept of Well-Formed Outcomes on both [...]

Engineering for the Mind

I used to be a Physicist – I’m sorry about that. I’m apologising for all the conversations that stopped in the past… Actually I used to be an Applied Physicist and what I actually did was more like ‘Engineering’ and there are some important differences. My take on it is that ‘pure’ scientists seek to [...]

Keeping it real with NLP

I’ve been sending out a few emails over the last few days to remind people of our NLP Diploma program coming up shortly. As ever the more real and personable I made the emails the better response I got and actually they were more of a pleasure to write. These moments are always a reminder [...]