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Often when people talk about things that they want, or would like to change in their life, they eventually get to “I’m just not as confident I would like to be” or “I need more self-confidence”.  So here are a few words on the subject and how NLP can provide all the confidence you need for whatever it is you want to do. This also serves as an introduction to our free e-course ‘10 Secrets for performing with confidence’ which you can find here.

The first thing to realise is that everyone already knows how to be confident. They really do. Labelling yourself as ‘not confident’ however simply isn’t useful. Confidence is a state of mind that is dependent on the context. Are you sure the sun will rise tomorrow? Of course you are, and you will be confident of many things and in many contexts in your life. In fact if you think about it for a moment I’m sure you’re confident in many areas of your life that might terrify others. So it’s not that people aren’t confident, it’s just they wish they had more confidence in certain contexts.

How might NLP help to build more confidence for you?

In our NLP Diploma programme for example you’ll meet many practical and immediately useful tools and concepts that will enable you to build your confidence. You’ll learn:

  • How setting a clear intention before any event helps you to stay focused on your outcome
  • How your state affects your ability to develop and grow your confidence
  • How the most successful people treat everything (including mistakes, poor decisions and failures) as opportunities to learn and build their competence as well as their confidence
  • How you can build an effective working relationship with almost anyone with a few simple techniques that are quick to learn and easy to practice
  • How having and maintaining a great working relationship with someone isn’t about agreeing with them
  • How to use your own natural behavioural preferences to ensure your personal success
  • How you can ensure the goals and outcomes you are pursuing are truly in line with who you are rather than who you think you ‘should’ be
  • And much more…

Another confidence-related problem we encounter is procrastination. This shows up as the inability to have confidence in making a decision until the person has all the information they perceive they need. In reality it’s usually because things aren’t painful or difficult enough yet to get them to take action. They haven’t crossed the pain threshold yet where they will simply have to do something different. Are you waiting until it gets so bad you simple have to do something about it or will you take the step to a more confident and happier you today? If not now then when? As a famous general once said, “If we waited until we had 100% of the information it would be too late”.

There are many useful tools in techniques for boosting your confidence with the school of thought called NLP. You’ll find some simple and straightforward ideas in our free e-course ‘10 Secrets for Performing with Confidence’ which you can find here. We also have a free 8-day e-course called ‘Introduction to NLP’ if you would like to explore more applications of NLP. You can find that here.

All these articles make for useful and interesting back ground knowledge but non of them are a substitute for the powerful, life changing effect you get from attending one of our 4-day NLP Diploma courses.

To find out how to join us on the next course go to NLP Diploma.

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I look forward to hearing from you, and helping you find the confidence you want, in the areas of life that you need it most.

Best wishes


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