VIDEO: The Neuroscience of Personality

If you have an interest in the MBTI™ profiling system or how the function of the brain fundamentally effects personality then we think you’ll find this video fascinating. Professor Dario Nardi of UCLA presents his recent research on how our innate preferences (as recorded by MBTI™) effect how our brain works. Dario has a particular interest in Creative Flow (something close to our hearts also) but the video is full of intriguing insights regarding behavioural preference. The bottom line is that MBTI™ is a predictor of how our brains work and is remarkably consistent – something we know to be true from practical experience on our workshops. Dario also emphasises how his work shows we are all uniquely different – something we also know to be true.

This video will make more sense to you if you have some experience of MBTI™ but that isn’t entirely necessary. Keep in mind that Dario is illustrating that we all have preferences in the way we deal with the world and MBTI™ is a good predictor of these preferences – both in theory and in practice. MBTI™ is also a good predictor of how different ‘types’ of people achieve a sense of ‘Flow’ – something of interest to anyone who wants to achieve greater success and satisfaction in life. Thanks to Google for sponsoring this talk and making it public.

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