Keeping it real with NLP

I’ve been sending out a few emails over the last few days to remind people of our NLP Diploma program coming up shortly. As ever the more real and personable I made the emails the better response I got and actually they were more of a pleasure to write. These moments are always a reminder to me that people seek real human connection in whatever the do.

Unfortunately work conspires to have us ‘acting’ in roles where we feel we have to be someone we are not. What a shame. But it often feels safer that way. We can hide behind the role and blame our circumstances for our behaviour. However the reality is the more human and vunerable we are the more we are ‘seen’ by others and the easier it is to connect at a level we can all value. If there is anything we try and achieve in all our NLP training work at Field & Field that would be a primary aim. Real human connection.

What real human connections did you make today and how could you have made them even more real?

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