What’s more important, the Goal or How You Get There?

A key addition to the Well-Formed Outcome concept (see here for more about WFO’s) that we use at Field & Field is the idea that each Outcome or Goal is essentially two Goals:

1. The end destination

2. The path taken to reach it

You can use the NLP concept of Well-Formed Outcomes on both and the reality is that the most successful people really do have a well-defined path to get to their goal – not just a well defined and compelling destination but a journey they relish and look forward to. Not in the sense of detailed milestones and plans but a feel for the direction they are taking, how they’ll grow as they are on that journey and how the path is congruent with their sense of self. The journey really is more important than the goal. The journey is your life. Without compelling well-formed outcomes you won’t know what path to take. If the path isn’t in itself satisfying and congruent with who you are then you will experience frustration and may never reach your end goal. Alternatively you may reach your end goal and look back on your life with disappointment.

Well-Formed Outcomes as Path or Destination

Once you have defined a Well-Formed Outcome (see here for more on WFO’s) ask the following to help clarify the path you will take to get it:

Q. What do you want the journey to be like? (State in the Positive)

Q. Can you personally start and maintain the journey?

Q. What will you be seeing, hearing and feeling on the journey?

Q. How will the journey impact on the rest of your life?

Q. Is the journey worth the cost and time it’s going to take?

Q. Is this journey in keeping with your identity?

Q. Is the journey representative of who you are and who you want to be?

Q. What do you want to preserve on the journey?

For more about the NLP concept of Well-Formed Outcomes see the previous post: New Years Resolutions – How to make sure that you keep them.

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