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Our NLP training has three stages leading to true mastery and real confidence in using NLP in practical contexts. Find out more by clicking on the relevant box below:

After 4-days initial NLP training, ie. after your first Field & Field NLP module, you will be awarded NLP Diploma status.  By the end of your first 4 days you will have a comprehensive introduction to NLP with practical tools
and concepts you can use immediately. It also serves as one of the four credits needed to become an NLP Practitioner.Any of our 4-day NLP modules can be taken first and qualify for an NLP Diploma. Each module is stand alone and does not require any previous knowledge.
4 days (30 hours) of direct training and practice
In-depth and comprehensive study of NLP leading to getting
core NLP techniques and concepts in the muscle. After your first 4-day module (Diploma level) you will go onto do a further three 4-day modules in order to qualify for the NLP Practitioner. Modules are stand alone, rather than sequential, and can be taken in any order.The four modules are:

  • Your Relationship with Yourself and Others
  • States of Mind and Personal Wellbeing
  • The Power of Language and Effective Communication
  • Creating the Life You Want

12 days (90 hours) of direct training and practice

Developing mastery and flexible with all the core NLP techniques
and concepts leading to a new flexibility and flow in your life.The four modules you will be working at the level of:


Deep dive into different meta-programmes including MBTI Step 2, self-concept and related value systems.

Values and Beliefs

Values, Useful Beliefs, Self-limiting Beliefs and Personal Boundaries, identifying and expressing needs and personal boundaries.

The Power of Language,

Deletion, Distortion, Generalisation, Miltonian Language and Hypnosis


Understanding Our Own and Others Behaviour and Modelling for Excellence


16 days (120 hours) of direct training and practice


Our NLP Diploma, NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner certificates are recognised around the world for the quality they represent and will afford you entry to any other courses offered by other NLP training providers.