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Performing with Confidence e-course


Public speaking or any kind of public performance is the number one most feared activity for people. And it’s not just the formal speech at a conference, dinner or wedding. The ability to communicate under pressure is required for informal presentations, meetings, interviews, key leadership moments and even for ‘having it out’ with a colleague. Such moments can be a real challenge for people and create a lot of anxiety and fear. It’s something we encounter all the time in the training and coaching work we do and even the most apparently confident person can find themselves hesitant and not performing to their potential in certain contexts.Many of us hold back when we speak in public for fear of exposure, of being seen as inappropriate or who knows what. It’s as if we believe we are safer being mediocre, which is an odd belief, when you think about it.The 10 secrets contained in this e-course, if truly taken on board, have the power to transform your performance. With practice you will find that speaking and any kind of public performance can be easy and enjoyable.

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