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NLP Diploma

Comprehensive, Practical and Up-To-Date Training

Format: 4 Days and 4 nights residential

Arrival time is 4 pm on Monday going through to 3 pm on Friday
  See more on how this makes up part of your NLP Journey here
Luxury all-inclusive Package:
  • Luxury, private, en-suite accommodation
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and refreshments throughout the day
  • Beautiful training facilities
  • Free WiFi and Parking
  • NLP Diploma Certification

£1329.17 + vat (£1595 incl. vat)

Non-residential £995 + vat (£1,194 incl. vat)

Special bursaries are available upon application 

Your Trainer:

Samantha Field

Location: The Conderton Venue consisting of: Conderton Manor Farm House and Samantha Field’s home in the Cotswolds with purpose built training room and studios.
Dates: Email to find out about places still available

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants more from life and who wants better relationships with themselves and others. You could be from any walk of life (and we do get a fascinating mix on our courses). Perhaps you are just curious about NLP and want to find out what it’s all about for yourself.

And because we run our courses at such a wonderful venue, you can really take time-out to reflect on life and enjoy some time to yourself in an inspiring setting.

What to Expect

This is NLP Personal Development and/or CPD like you’ve never done before. Everything is at the highest level from the beautiful, Manor Farmhouse through to the care and individual attention given to everyone on the course. 

What will you Learn?

For those of you who have been on Field NLP courses before you will be familiar with the idea of setting intentions. That can be anything from as simple as to learn and experience something new or finding direction through to overcoming personal obstacles and/or achieving something specific. Many want to develop more confidence, have better relationships, overcome procrastination or just generally get more joy out of life. Additionally you will learn ways to move from a left to a right hemisphere way of being and vice versa as appropriate, thereby reducing fatigue, increasing creativity and overall greater sense of well-being. 

On successful completion of the 4-days you be awarded an NLP Diploma.  It will also count as one of your NLP modules towards your full NLP Practitioner Certification.

What people are saying about this course:

“The course is just amazing! Samantha helped me to see things from a different perspective and it has been life changing”

Ana Taban

“It has been time away from everything – my own space. I have been coached through some important things in my life giving a different perspective and view and how I can change my approach. I am going home a different person: this has been life changing.” 

Rachel Makgatho – NHS Senior Management

“I came here as an experienced coach expecting to add to the toolkit – that I have done (and more!). But most of all I have addressed real personal ‘stuff’ that will really improve my life. Thank you so much.”

Chris Rogers – Corporate Trainer and Coach.

“I have not laughed or shared so much in a long time. Thank you. I’ll be recommending this course to friends and clients.”
Kahti Goupil

“Good fun, very supportive – I’ve had an amazing time… You’ll absolutely get more out of it than you can ever imagine…”
Jacqueline Grant

“This course unlocked so many things. I enjoyed the interactions, the coaching and surprising insights (self and others). A lovely 4-days company, place and safe place to engage my challenges. I leave with new tools and some answers I didn’t have.
The draw is the quality of the gentle coaching that you get over the 4 days. Great course, good company and a safe space to learn. Many thanks.”

David Smith


“Wow yet another amazing 4 days! Samantha Field’s strength, tenacity, empathy and compassion is an inspiration. Her knowledge astounds me!”

Phil Wheeler – Trainer and Life Coach

“Samantha Fields’s expertise and guidance is invaluable. The impact and benefits are felt way beyond the course to help us to live a true, authentic happy life.’ 

“I feel blessed to have completed my NLP Diploma/Practitioner. I hunger for information and have grown as a person and coach by undertaking this course. It’s a wonderful course with great practical examples which have strengthened me as a person. Looking forward to the Master Practitioner Course.”

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Course Content

  • Sensory Acuity – Building awareness of the unconscious signals that people send out all the time and what they mean

  • Outcome Orientation – The ability to focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want. How successful people motivate themselves to achieve their goals and how you can do that for yourself

  • Well-Formed Outcomes – how to get what you want and work out what you don’t want

  • Rapport – Developing the ability to step into and respect another person’s map of the world. Ways of building rapport through posture, gestures, expressions, movement, voice, language and breathing. Going beyond basic rapport skills to understand how to swiftly and effectively meet others in their map of the world.

  • Behavioural Flexibility – The importance of flexibility in order to achieve greater influence and mastery of your own life

  • Meta Programs – Understanding advanced behavioural preferences and how these drive and influence our behaviour.

  • Using MBTI™ in conjunction with NLP – To enhance your life and help others learn and change.

  • Values – Understand your own values and purpose and how to connect these with others

  • Valuing Yourself – Learn how to truly value yourself and what you do. Learn how to overcome limiting beliefs that hold you back.

  • Negotiation Tools –  NLP offers numerous tools for negotiation scenarios. You will learn how to generate mutually shared outcomes, overcome deadlock and separate relationships from differences.

  • NLP Presuppositions – Beliefs and ways of being that support and promote change and growth in yourself and others

  • Logical Levels of thinking and change – Ways of thinking about thinking to facilitate analysis, create greater choice in any situation, gather information about others, learn about your own way of being and create resourceful and powerful change in yourself and others.

  • Representational Systems – The use of our five senses to make sense of the world and how this affects our language. How to calibrate different representation systems and use this information for more effective communication with others

  • The NLP Communication Model – How we filter the information we receive through our senses to make sense of the world around us

  • Eye Accessing Cues – What the eyes tell us about ways of thinking

  • Perceptual Positions – Strengthening you ability to enjoy your own experience, step into other people’s shoes and make sense of relationship systems

  • State Management – Tools and techniques to access specific states in specific contexts so you can be sure you are operating in your most optimum state.

  • Strategy Elicitation – How to really understand how some people do some things particularly well and how models of excellence can be accessible to everyone.

  • Understand behavioural preferences – As part of the course you will get the chance to complete an MBTI™ profile which is the most respected personality profiling system in the world and has many strong links to key NLP concepts.

  • States – How to control your own personal state to achieve states of excellence, learning, authenticity and congruence. Become aware of your own baseline state and generate more choices in your own and others state management.

  • Transition States – Chaining states together to achieve state changes that would otherwise seem impossible or too difficult to do

  • Anchors – Learn what triggers states and how to generate, vary and trigger states in yourself and others

  • Creative States – Learn how to create and use states that support successful discovery, development and implementation of new ideas and change.

  • Association and Dissociation – Learn how we immerse or distance ourselves from our own experiences and how this can be used to enhance states of excellence and remove unwanted states.

  • Personal Alignment – Learn concepts and tools for achieving congruence and your own personal authenticity. Learn how to align different aspects of your life to achieve your goals and to connect with others.

  • Parts Negotiation – How to communicate with different parts of our own identity to create change

  • Positive bi-products – a technique to help you let go of unwanted behaviors or habits.

  • Influencing with Integrity – How to avoid manipulating others and being manipulated. How to influence in the service of your own and others values

  • Timelines – Exploring the coding of time and how to use the ‘Timeline’ concept to recode the past and plan more successfully for the future.

  • Re-Imprinting – Combining concepts of time and perceptual positions to create new meaning of past experiences that influenced us in our past and resulted in unwanted behaviour.

  • What ‘NLP Coaching’ is and isn’t – What NLP coaching is and isn’t and how ‘Coaching’ as a ‘way of being’ relates to all NLP tools and concepts. This is coaching in the broadest sense, i.e., helping yourself (self coaching) and others learn and change.

  • And much more…
Suffice to say any issues and/or desires that you bring will be addressed and all the above will touch on most people’s lives. Everything is connected.

The Conderton Venue – The best environment for learning and growth

Where you learn can make a critical difference to how well you learn. Perhaps you’re bored with drab hotels, stuffy training rooms, poor lighting and a simple lack of time and space to learn and reflect. At Field & Field we are always looking to give our customers the best possible experience and to this end we have created and developed our own perfect retreat.

The complex consists of three sites all within a hundred metres of each other. ‘The Manor Farm House’ provides luxury bedrooms, break out space and training room; ‘The Studios’ offer additional training space and the ‘One Bedroom Cottages’ provides private cooking facilities – popular with those who come with partners and/or family.

Farncombe Estate View 02

All nestled in a beautiful, picturesque Cotswold hamlet

Set within the foot of the Cotswold hills, Conderton provides a warm, inviting and comfortable space, that will help you to instantly relax into a location that both inspires and energises. The Conderton Venue consists of three spaces within reach of each other, that provide luxury accommodation and exceptional training facilities.

The beautiful retreat is approximately 2 hours drive from London and less than an hours drive from Birmingham, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Bristol and Cardiff. There is also a good rail link with Evesham and Tewkesbury mainline stations which are a short taxi ride away.

The Manor Farmhouse

You will be staying in a luxury Cotswold farmhouse consisting of 8 large, private bedrooms, 8 bath/shower rooms and 3 comfortable communal areas for guests to relax in. Settled in a picturesque hamlet, the manor also has easy walking access from the pretty terraces into the Orchard behind and directly onto the beautiful slopes of Bredon Hill. Delicious breakfasts, and dinners will be served directly from the farmhouse’s kitchens, for guests to enjoy. There is no doubt that you will experience the splendour of the Cotswolds at its fullest. In short, all your creature comforts are taken care of so that you can relax and focus on the learning.


The Studios

‘The Studios’ is home to a purpose built, light and airy training room, set with stunning views from all windows in area of outstanding beauty. It also includes many breakout spaces to host discussions and activities as well as providing areas to relax, think and socialise in. Here lunch is served and refreshments are available throughout. You will also have access to the large, beautiful, country garden that the building opens up onto, giving a peaceful space to enjoy. Located just 150 meters stroll from the Manor Farmhouse, ‘The Studios’ make an ideal location for a retreat.

With trails and footpaths extending across the magnificent, natural countryside the area has unsurprisingly inspired many creative minds. The studios connects to respected and established artist Samantha Dadd’s gallery where her studies of the surrounding nature are displayed.

One Bedroom Cottages

Nestled in the peaceful hamlet of Conderton, with its picturesque mix of honey coloured stone and thatched roofs, one bedroom accommodation options are available. Still within a minute or twos walk away from all sites within the beautiful complex, the ‘One Bedroom Cottages’ offer an alternative, more private accommodation option.

The Layout

The Cotswold Venue is a tightly knit complex with all buildings comfortably within a few minutes walk of each other.

 We look forward to welcoming you soon

Very best wishes