5-a-day for a healthy mind

Eating a minimum of 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day lowers the risk of serious health problems. In 2008 the British Government commissioned a review of the work of hundreds of scientists from across the world to create a set of five simple actions which can improve psychological well-being in everyday life. The [...]

VIDEO – Where do good ideas come from?

A short video on where good ideas come from and how chance favours the connected mind. Thanks to RSAnimate for their generosity in making these video’s available To talk to us call 01865 600 725 or use our contact form. You’ll find more free information down the right-hand side of this page and you can also follow us on FaceBook. [...]

Authentic Happiness

I was in discussion with a ‘Lady of the Cloth’ the other day. A delightfully informed and educated one at that and it was a lively and sadly short conversation. She asked what I regarded as the secret to happiness. It reminded me of a great book that I highly recommend called The Happiness Hypothesis by [...]