What next?

Sometimes it can feel like the world is in chaos and perhaps it’s better to just hang tight and wait. The reality is that this is hardly ever an effective strategy for an organisation, team or individual. The world moves on and staying put will mean that you are in effect going backwards. The most [...]

Give yourself a good talking to

Some NLP techniques are unbelievably simple and straightforward. In fact it’s the simplicity of NLP that many people find so attractive. Here’s one such concept that anyone can use to create a better experience of life. We all have self-talk. Some of it very negative. Have you found yourself saying to yourself something like: “I [...]

The Hero’s Journey, a summary by Robert Dilts

In his book Hero With a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell talks about the three life paths that we can take: the village, the wasteland and the journey. The village represents the life that has been mapped out for us by our society and culture: We are born, go to school, graduate, get a job, get [...]

Transition Part 4: Knowing where you are going

In this final part of this 4-part series of posts we look at the problem of focussing on the past when trying to transition to the future. We have previously looked at values and beliefs, procrastination and the false perception of limited choice. In this post we’ll look at ways of developing a future-orientated outcome [...]

Transition – Part 3: The Perception of Limited Choice

In part 1 and 2 of this 4-part series we looked at values and beliefs that drive you and then procrastination. In this post we look at the false perception of limited choice. As we enter a transition period of our lives we can find ourselves losing connection with the choices we have. Sometimes we [...]

NLP and Job Change

We are experiencing a period of uncertainty where jobs are no longer as secure as they used to be and life-long careers with one company are now extremely rare. We are seeing an unprecedented number of people taking a long hard look at their working life and considering their options. At this time of transition [...]

Finding the right job

It’s becoming an old cliché but practically the only thing that can be guaranteed at the moment is change. We work with and talk to a lot of people who are being presented with ‘opportunities’ in various guises to reassess their current career and look seriously at alternatives. In all the years we’ve been helping [...]

How do people really change?

All our work is based on helping people to learn so that they can make better choices for themselves and create the life that they want. We have numerous techniques, tools and concepts available to us from the practice of NLP and our own life experience. Over the years we’ve noticed a common pattern that [...]