What next?

Sometimes it can feel like the world is in chaos and perhaps it’s better to just hang tight and wait. The reality is that this is hardly ever an effective strategy for an organisation, team or individual. The world moves on and staying put will mean that you are in effect going backwards. The most [...]

Don’t tell people your goals

It’s good to have goals isn’t it? Of course it is. As coaches and trainers we are also acutely aware that many people have goals, love telling others all about them but they never seem to quite manage to get there. What’s going on? Well the reality is that by talking out our goals we [...]

Transition Part 4: Knowing where you are going

In this final part of this 4-part series of posts we look at the problem of focussing on the past when trying to transition to the future. We have previously looked at values and beliefs, procrastination and the false perception of limited choice. In this post we’ll look at ways of developing a future-orientated outcome [...]

Breaking habits and keeping the benefits

Sometimes we have behaviours and habits that don’t make much sense to us. We find ourselves repeatedly taking that extra glass of wine too much, getting angry with the driver in front of us, eating that unhealthy food, putting off that decision until it’s made for us, being impatient just at the wrong time, slipping [...]