Don’t tell people your goals

It’s good to have goals isn’t it? Of course it is. As coaches and trainers we are also acutely aware that many people have goals, love telling others all about them but they never seem to quite manage to get there. What’s going on? Well the reality is that by talking out our goals we [...]

The 4 D’s of Defence

What do you do when you have done something wrong, made a mistake, or been caught out or just don’t want to take responsibility for your actions? We ask this because how you deal with these situations can be a real block to moving forward. We love our work which helps people to learn about [...]

VIDEO: Mirror Neurons and the evolution of consciousness

A fascinating video on the discovery of Mirror Neurons and the evolution of consciousness. From Jeremy Rifkin and with a little help from RSA Animate. To talk to us call 01865 600 725 or use our contact form. You’ll find more free information down the right-hand side of this page and you can also follow us on FaceBook.   [...]

Say what you mean

In the film ‘The Breakup’ the two characters played by Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn have a blazing row that seals the end of their relationship after a dinner party that doesn’t go quite as planned. If you’ve seen the film you might remember the exchange: “I want you to want to the do the [...]