Not enough time to be creative?

Would you like to get more from life and feel the buzz of creating something new? What that might be could be anything but it’s a uniquely common human trait to desire to create something in the world. It’s an instinct that we are born with and if we find it blocked it means we can’t be fully ourselves.

There are many things that can get in the way of us being as creative as we would like to be. It might be the book idea that never gets written, the desire to draw or paint or perhaps even to use your creativity to start a new business. As a creativity coach I find there are a number of blocks that keep coming up with my clients. People can often feel that it is just them that have this problem when in fact there are several very common issues that people face that come up time and time again.

Not enough time!

“It’s just time” is one of the most common things that I hear. It is part of the on-going problem of not enough hours in the day. After a little coaching it soon becomes apparent that they do have time – in fact plenty of it. It is more a question of how they prioritise and use the time they have.

The first step is to ask yourself do you genuinely want to find time to be creative? If the answer to this is yes, look carefully at how you currently use your time. Are all the tasks you do necessary? We can very easily get into the habit of doing things and not stop to ask why. How many things do we do because we feel we ‘should’? What would happen if we choose not to do it sometimes? Think about the day to day tasks that you do. Are there more efficient ways to do them? Could someone else do them? Another area that people start to look at is what it is they do when they are not working. Are you making the most of your leisure time? If you have got into the habit of flopping in front of the TV how might you use that time that would be more satisfying to you. The time you spend reading could be spent writing. Have you got into routines that no longer really work for you?

By asking these kinds of questions you will realise that you can find the time. Time is not a valid excuse; if other people can do it so can you. So is there something else stopping you or getting in your way?

Below are ten more common blocks that stop people from enjoying having the pleasure of creative outlet in their lives. You may find that just one or two apply to you or it may be all of them to a greater or lesser extent:

  • Simply getting started
  • Lacking confidence
  • Self-limiting beliefs
  • Procrastination
  • Being too much of a perfectionist
  • Not knowing where to start
  • Unable to choose which project to work on
  • You start lots of things but never seem to finish anything
  • Feeling on your own
  • Negative voices in your head

But what to do about these blocks once you have identified them? Don’t worry help is at hand. Based on over 30 years of coaching both adults and children in creativity I will be sharing tips and advice on how to deal with these obstacles in future posts.

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