Closing the year – putting your energy in to the new

Sometime over the next few weeks you might sit down and just reflect for a moment on the past year. Here’s a simple and very constructive way of doing that:

  1. Take one piece of paper and draw a line down the middle to create two columns.
  2. With your favourite pen write ‘Good Stuff’ at the top of one column and ‘Bad Stuff’ at the top of the other.
  3. Now spend 20-30 minutes making a list of the ‘good stuff’ and bad stuff’ that’s happened to you over the last year.
  4. After you feel that you’ve got a pretty comprehensive list then it’s very important to follow the next 2 steps very carefully
  5. Take the list and tear it up. Ideally then hurl it on to the roaring log fire in your living room.
  6. Now take some time to just remember that the previous year is done. Finished. And now it’s time to look ahead at the next year and create the year you want.

You see the reality is that the more we spend dwelling on the past year the less time and energy we put in to actually creating the future that we want. So we invite you to let it go – whatever it is you might be holding on to and put all your energy in to creating the future that you really want.

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