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A Typical Day

Structure and flow over the 4 days


Saturday – Day 1

We start with settling in, getting to know each other, orientation around the hotel and understanding the structure of the wrap around experience. Iain McGilchrist will then open the event via live stream from his home in Scotland with a talk and Q&A. The programme then opens up with relevant live, well known, international speakers linking hemisphere theory with their work and research. Alternatively take the chance to enjoy a number of potentially mind-altering, right-hemisphere experiences and experiential workshops that embody our theoretical framework. There will also be the chance to catch up on the best of Iain’s talks from previous years and facilitated discussion groups. The choice is yours.



Sunday – Day 2 

Continues like day one and hosts a great mix of live speakers, Q&A’s, premiere screenings of Iain McGilchrist lectures and related discussion groups. Also, if you wish, there is the chance to move more into right-hemisphere practices and more deeply into somatic work. It offers everything from feeling energy to a range of very different meditation practices  with some of the best facilitators in the country. 


Monday – Day 3

Again as in the last couple of days, all modes of learning and discovery are open, but with the added option of moving towards Systemic Constellations work led by Charles O’Malley. Following an introductory session, facilitation will continue for the test of the day for those who want to deep dive into this right-hemisphere tool. Alternatively for those who prefer to learn and process in a different way, as always, fascinating lectures and discussion groups are scheduled in parallel. 


Tuesday – Day 4

Here we offer plenty of time for feedback, sharing and final questions. All content will naturally drift back to being more cerebral and more left-hemisphere in nature – reflecting on shifts, changes and revelations over the previous few days. We explore feelings and visions for the future, plus thoughts and ideas on taking it forward and out into the world. Roz Savage will be giving a talk around her soon to be published book ‘The Ocean in a Drop’ which gives a vision for the future, then we have a guest panel of experts for ‘Question Time’, group discussions and feedback followed by summary from Samantha Field  and our final closing ceremony. 


Tewkesbury park hotel, for Iain McGilchrist workshop on the divided brain with Field & Field in the Cotswolds

All this takes place at our fabulous venue, Tewkesbury Park Hotel. Start the day, in a relaxed and friendly group, chatting over breakfast. Enjoy a full English breakfast or perhaps choose from a wide range of healthy and delicious alternatives. Take a stroll through the beautiful grounds of the Hotel before joining the others in the main lecture room. The speaker of the day takes the stage, chosen by Samantha Field for their audience rapport, talks with deep meaningful content interspersed with amusing personal anecdotes. They will bring you up-to-date with the latest thinking around how issues around how left-hemisphere bias impacts on so many areas of life. Your own mind will relish the new insights, cross fertilisation of ideas and profound implications. Sit back and listen, or get involved yourself in the rich discussions before going to coffee, with people who are already starting to feel like friends.
Tewkesbury Park Hotel hosting Iain McGilchrist event with Field & Field in the Cotswolds

Next, join one of the optional sessions available to further explore the practical applications of what we know about the divided brain before continuing the conversation over lunch. After lunch choose how you would like to continue the learning by; joining an active discussion group; experiential workshop; taking a stroll and finding a quiet place to reflect; taking advantage of the relaxing spa facilities, a sauna, a swim, or simply lay back in the jacuzzi, all the time reflecting on the themes of the day. Whatever you decide, you choose the pace that suits you.

Back for another mind-blowing lecture mid-afternoon, you’ll learn even more about how our understanding of the brain is set to revolutionise our understanding of the mind and what it means to be human. Join in with the lively and rich Q&A before heading back to your room to prepare for the evening.

Food at the Iain McGilchrist Divided Brain event with Field & Field at Tewkesbury Park Hotel
Meet your fellow intellectual explorers and internationally renowned speakers in the comfortable and inviting bar. Benefit from how approachable and accessible our guest speakers are and how willing they are to continue the ongoing dialogue in such an informal way. Enjoy the banter and camaraderie as you get to know the delightful company you’re keeping even more. Soak up the learning while you indulge in more culinary delights over dinner. Continue the conversation after dinner before retiring, to your warm and comfortable room, to reflect on the day and get a great night’s sleep.
This is a unique 4-day luxury retreat where not only will your ‘whole’ brain be stimulated like nowhere else,  but all your sensory, creature comforts will be catered for to the highest standards for a full wrap around experience. Keep an eye on the 2022 expanded schedule for guest speakers, optional discussion groups and experiential workshops.

See the current schedule here

Accommodation on offer for Iain McGIlchrist event with Field & Field in the Cotswolds