Training doesn’t work

Most training doesn’t work.

I don’t have figures for this but it’s my belief that the vast majority of training simply doesn’t deliver actual behavioral change. Why is that?

Well I think its because training naturally focuses on skills development to fill a perceived behavioural gap. That sounds pretty sensible. But the reality is that much training fails to add value because it doesn’t operate at the level of Beliefs and Values, i.e., what the person believes about themselves and what value they place on the skills and behaviours being taught.

Take for example Presentation skills training. You may learn many tricks and much ‘best practice’. However if you still don’t believe that you have as much right as anyone to be a good presenter or value presenting as a skill that takes practice and is worth rehearsing and learning then you are left with a bag of tools that you are still unable to use confidently. In fact you may end up in a worse position – knowing you know what to do but still lacking the self-belief to do it. Ouch!

What’s the answer? Choose experiential training that works at the level of values and beliefs as well as building skills that are a natural extension of what people already do. Good training should be about real practice and building belief in your own ability. Don’t settle for anything less otherwise you may end up being knowledgeable about required skills but still unable to ‘do’ the behaviours that you want.

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