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Building on nine years of Samantha Field’s working relationship with world-renowned author, Iain McGilchrist, Field & Field brings you the next stage in this journey. Taking a multi-discipline approach we will be exploring the necessary shift to a more right hemisphere way of being. There is a point where clearly we simply need to stop! We all have our own ideas around this and the form it might take. How though do we embrace and incorporate this into our own lives and what is needed for the complete paradigm shift that is so vital? Looking at our own, everyday, personal lives and experiences; we will be asking: what does a more right-hemisphere approach look, sound and feel  like? How can we be the change we want to see in the world? On a larger, more societal, international and global scale, the questions posed will be around how we, as a species, need to change our way of being, what critical shifts and structural changes can we make and how is that going to happen?

There are, of course, elements of theses changes that are under our control, others we can influence, and those we cannot. So how do we wrap our arms around what is within both our control and influence, and how do we action that to make our experience in this world more satisfying, connected and whole and create a place which is kinder, richer and more fulfilling. It’s amazing how much we can achieve when we learn to switch off our left-hemisphere for a while, come together and collaborate.

Field & Field has a reputation for bringing you the highest quality, intellectually stimulating speakers who are top of their field. Our 4-day, October 2022 retreat will be no exception. Our regular guests will be familiar with our format of morning lectures followed by more right-hemisphere activities in the middle part of the day before the late afternoon talks. Each day will feature different speakers who have something important to say about the themes listed above.

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