Old patterns at Christmas and Seasonal NLP Practice

Old patterns

Many of us have old ‘traditions’ that we hang on to during the holiday season. Decorations must be up by a certain time, presents must given and received in a certain way, brussel sprouts must be served and so on and so on. The reality is that everyone has different ways of doing things and there is no right way. Some of these rules and ‘traditions’ are lovely of course and create a connection through the generations of a family. However some may simply just get in the way of enjoying yourself.

So perhaps this year it might be worth making a note of some of ‘the rules’ and asking where they actually come from and whether anyone actually values them. For every tradition, some one at some time has thought it would be a good idea for some reason – some ‘Positive Intention’ that made sense at the time. Do those reasons and intentions still exist? Even if they do are they valued by the people around you? Perhaps it’s time to do things differently? Perhaps it’s time to create some new traditions that really celebrate what Christmas means to you…

Seasonal NLP Practice

For those who have already taken courses with us you’ll Christmas is a great time to practice what you’ve learnt.

For example you’ll know how to:

  • Make and break rapport with even the most belligerent relatives
  • Turn small talk into a fascinating conversation
  • Reframe even the most bizarre behaviour to something interesting and amusing
  • Understand and appreciate personal differences that would drive others nuts
  • How to take the space you need and create the Christmas that you want without offending anyone
  • Simply be more at ease with yourself and have more fun…

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