Books – The Happiness Hypothesis, Jonathan Haidt

This is one of those books that we love.

A clearly highly accomplished academic climbs out of the ivory tower and puts some very important thinking into a context we can all understand in a very friendly and relevant way. And what could more important than happiness? Nothing much really – which is why we’ve been recommending this book for a long time…

It’s not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea of course but if you do want a book that takes a thorough, sometimes humorous, but always well-argued look at the concept of human happiness, then this is the best we’ve come across.

Jonathan Haidt takes us on a journey to happiness through a survey of ‘Ancient Wisdom’ and shows how this relates to modern understanding of human behaviour. His conclusions about the importance of happiness and where it really comes from are sometimes surprising but certainly make you think. For example, he suggests Buddhism is pretty cool but it is a bit of an over-reaction. And lovers often behave like children but that is perfectly normal and a good thing. Oh and gossip is essential to human culture – you heard it here first…

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