VIDEO: Stephen Gilligan and Generative Trance – Part 2

In this fascinating video John interviews Dr Stephen Gilligan on the subject of Generative Trance. The subjects covered include what to expect on a Generative Trance workshop and how Generative Trance and Self-Relations Therapy developed from the early influences of Milton Erickson.

This is part 2 of a 2 part video. Click here for part 1 where John and Stephen will be discuss what trance is, how trance is a natural phenomenon, different types of positive and negative trances, what a ‘high-quality’ generative trance is and how Generative Trance relates to the themes of Flow and Creativity.

Dr Stephen Gilligan will be presenting a Generative Trance workshop on the 15-18 November 2014 at Puckrup Hall, Tewkesbury. To find out more about this fully-residential workshop click here.

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