Additional Optional Sessions

In addition to presentations led by Iain McGilchrist there will be opportunities to explore the implications of Iain’s work in a variety of ways. These include optional practical workshops, lively discussion groups and quiet reflection time. In all cases, you choose whatever you prefer to do in the way that suits you best.

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Activities and options between Iain McGilchrist’s eight lectures, over the 4 days, include:

    • For those of you who seek stimulating conversation, and want to talk with like-minded people, you can join in with the organised discussion groups. As with the chats over meals it is amazing to hear all the different ways in which individuals have come to, and are looking to use, the learning from Iain’s work.
    • Or if you prefer to simply have some time to yourself there is the option of relaxing in the comfortable coffee lounges, on the terraces, in the hotel grounds or of course, for those who are full-board, the peace and quiet of your own room. The hotel also has a lovely spa and you will have free use of the gym, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and heated swimming pool. You may also pop into nearby Historic Tewkesbury, visit the magnificent Abbey and enjoy the beautiful river side walks.
    • Last but not least are the optional practical workshop run by Samantha Field and Charles Grimes who will be exploring Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic sensory experiences and practising forms of mindfulness and meditation through seeing, hearing and moving

    The choice is yours.
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