Comments from recent course attendees:

If you would like to speak directly with people who have taken our courses then please contact us and we will be happy to put you in contact with someone who best matches your experience and desired outcomes for training with us.

Kahti  – NLP Diploma

“Just the right amount of days and just the right amount of people”

“The work continues… We just instinctively communicate in the way that we’ve learnt all day, without even knowing.”

“Very inspiring…”

Colin – NLP Diploma

“There’s probably so many other things I could have done this weekend that I normally do but I’m so glad I did something different and took the time out to do this because it’s been so helpful”

“Eye opening… If it’s something you’ve got an inkling to do then you should just do it”

Lizzie – NLP Diploma

“Probably one of the most worthwhile things you’ll do in your life”

“Led by two fantastic people”

“The location is to die for”

“Do it…”

Jacqueline – NLP Diploma

“Absolutely fantastic! I now know my life is going to be so much easier”

“Good fun, very supportive – I’ve had an amazing time… You’ll absolutely get more out of it than you can ever imagine…”

Andrew – NLP Diploma

“We’ve all had a good warm beneficial experience”

“Incredible facilities…”

“Very, very carefully thought through”


Alaina – NLP Diploma

“Really informative – much more profound than I imagined”

“The facilities are fantastic”

“Great rapport between the two trainers… that gave it the extra edge… I’d definitely recommend it”

Tim – NLP Diploma

“Life changing – put simplistically. The residential was fantastic in terms of you never stop learning”

“There’s an obvious synergy between the two trainers”

“The group was fantastic. Do it!

Renate – NLP Diploma

“Very, very interesting and certainly done a lot for me”

“I would recommend this course any time”

“The location is absolutely wonderful – couldn’t be nicer”

“Very inspiring, very interesting, very friendly”

Robert – NLP Diploma

“Fantastic… completely different to what I thought it would be”

“Focused and chilled”

So easy to learn”

Andy – NLP Diploma

“Very good, as described – and a lot more… “

“I can’t see it working without the residential format to be honest”

“The two styles (of the trainers) served to reinforce the lessons learnt”

Shabana and Darren – NLP Diploma

“Caring, open environment.”

“You’re so well looked after.”

“It’s the location that makes it’s special – that’s for sure”

Yen – NLP Diploma

“Pretty amazing. I don’t want it to end”

“You’re going to have a lot of fun but your definitely going to learn so much”

“Definitely the right choice for me”

Shabana – NLP Practitioner

“Amazing – so much more self-awareness”

“Really safe and really comfortable. Such a great support system”

“More people of my age could do with having the eyes opened like this”

Sue – NLP Practitioner

“It’s been as much about discovering things about myself as developing my skills to work with other people”

“It was a great experience. Re-balancing in terms of work-life. It can open you up to what you’ve got and how you can use it”

Lizzie – NLP Practitioner

“Lots of personal breakthrough moments both during the course and between the modules”

“A very big and empowering thing”

“Different styles, different people, a really good balance”

Giles – NLP Practitioner

“The diversity has been great”

“Practical, talking and experience – it’s great”

“It’s the elimination of fear. Money well spent”

Jacqueline – NLP Practitioner

“This wonderful environment – it’s so conducive to learning”

“The diversity is really strong; people do come from completely different backgrounds but that’s quite a strength. It’s definitely been life enhancing”

Khafayah – NLP Practitioner

“I’ve sorted out many things in my life, now I’ve got a clear structure. knowing I can make choices and decisions and I make them myself – and I’m happy with that”

“I’m very clear about what I need to do and I’m very excited about it”

Donna – NLP Practitioner

“I’ve built up so much more grounded relationships”

“It came at the perfect time for me”

“The staff here are incredible – a model for customer service”

“The space I needed… the opportunity I needed…”

Other Recent Feedback

“I have not laughed or shared so much in a long time. Thank you. I’ll be recommending this course to friends and clients.”
Kahti Goupil

“I came here as an experienced coach expecting to add to the toolkit – that I have done (and more!). But most of all I have addressed real personal ‘stuff’ that will really improve my life. Thank you so much.”
Chris Rogers. Trainer and Coach.

“John and Samantha are totally there for everyone attending their course and are happy to take time out to offer one-to-one coaching and guidance. They totally believe in NLP and their way of promoting and sharing it.”
Anne Davison.

“It works because people can interact, socialise and form strong relationships. 4 days in one place (with great facilities) helped. The course was very interesting and varied.”
Kim Millhouse, Osteopath.

“Such a wonderful environment. I felt totally safe and comfortable which really helped me make the most of the experience of rediscovering myself.”
Shabana Shaffick-Richardson.

“Working with an amazing group of individuals who readily share their widespread experiences and emotions has been an eye opener and a privilege”
Vivienne Berry, Teacher.

“Superb location to spend a fascinating 4 days. An area of outstanding natural beauty and environment so conducive to learning you can’t fail to gain from the experience”
Jacqueline McLean

“Expect change for the better.  Be open minded about what you’re learning and over the 4 days all will fall in to place. It does exactly what it says on the tin!”
Alan Chisholm, Wellstream International.

“Loving, intelligent support was provided for and by a vast range of different people and their issues.”
Lizzie Carver

“Great to fully immerse in this residential course. Good mix of people who I’d normally not come into contact with. Thanks.”
Wendy Lord, London Waste Ltd.

“A friendly, supportive way to learn about who you want to be”
Sara Hopkins

“A great introduction to NLP – safe environment, very engaging;
a great place to work”
Rohan Masters

“Thank you for creating a safe environment for me to process my
thoughts and work out my path/s”
Donna Tordoff

“Great presentation. Lots of opportunity for practical implementation of concepts. Really enjoyable, great food and beautiful location”
Steve Craig

“The experience of the residential course was wonderful. I particularly enjoyed being the company of such amazing people who helped me look at myself differently. The conference centre, food and staff are great. Sam and John are such great teachers and have such different styles that complement each other.”
Marion Inerfield, Dentist

“Very professional presentation and skilled / supportive trainers”
Debbie Kinley, DK Therapy

“Fantastic course at a natural smooth pace. Thank you both”
Roy Thomson

A sample of other comments:

“I really enjoyed this course because it was great fun and the learning came naturally through laughter and play which reached my subconscious in a profound way”

“Thank you! I learned a lot, had great fun and really felt had an opportunity to understand the practical application of concepts which I can take away and use in many ways.”

“I value the approach which is about variety, choice and trying things differently. I’m easily bored and wasn’t!”

“Some of the techniques taught are so easy but have such an impact – I’ll be using them every day!”

“As always an inspiring and thought provoking course. I had more deep and relevant conversations on this course than I often experience in weeks.”

“Having time and space to explore theory, answer questions and play with stuff; to release your own potential is completely empowering, valuable and exciting.”

“This is a really well thought out course, presented with authority and fun by two trainers whose styles blend really well together.”

“Your training style is light and fun, most enjoyable and insightful few days.”

“Enabling, Empowering, Enlightening.”

Well presented; an enjoyable environment to learn.

“Such a pleasure to have trainers who are so obviously passionate about NLP – and how it can change things…”

“The Composition of the course was very practically based. You learn something from exercise 1.”

“I think this invaluable, and only wish I had done something like this a lot sooner.”

“If you are looking for trainers who are; congruent, warm, informed, fun and flexible – these are the people to train with, whether you want NLP for business, therapy or personal development.”

“Over the last 4 days I’ve learnt some very powerful tools to change my stuck states, e.g., the Timeline exercise revealed that I’ve been blaming and beating myself on a certain issue for about 10 years. I don’t need to beat myself up anymore.”

“Very enlightening and rewarding”

“If you want to understand how to influence and communicate with others, this course is for you.”

“An excellent course, the 4 days flew by, interesting, informative and gave me a greater awareness of myself and my behaviour and revealing insights into others”

“I came along to the workshop without a clear understanding of what NLP was. Having gone through a journey of discovery based on practical exercises I can see how NLP can assist me to grow and assist me in developing my business. I loved it so much I have committed to becoming a certified practitioner”.

“If you want to learn by doing then try this”

“A nicely paced and relaxed environment. Very welcoming.”

“The course was run very smoothly, timed well and the coaches showed a real passion for their work and contagious belief and fascination for NLP”

“Very positive role models and a good balance”

“The instructors are great at demystifying the more complex processes and make a great effort to foster a friendly group spirit”

“Excellent coaching – thank you!”

“No-one can fail to understand what incredible and untapped capabilities we all have in our heads after a course like this.”

“The training really creates a fun and exciting environment in which you feel comfort in sharing and facilitating growth. Engaging.”

“Fantastically fun! Interestingly eye opening.”

“If you want to live the life you love and love the life you live, Field & Field would be a great place from which to start, or to continue the journey.”

“An eye opener. Like the modular format so I could assimilate the materials”

“An excellent way to apply theory.”

“This was a very playful module with lots left still to process.”

“A great opportunity to learn more about yourself and other people in a relaxed open environment. Brilliant!”

“The most challenging and enjoyable 4 days I have had for ages”

“An excellent course. The 4 days flew by; interesting, informative and gave me a greater awareness of myself and my behaviour and revealing insight into others”

“Extremely good, a real eye opener”

“Excellent value for money”

“Excellent trainers”

“Well organised and entertaining and enlightening: A group that cares”

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for life” now has new meaning for me!”

“Great course, well run, with bags of useful stuff I can apply both immediately and in the future”

“Very friendly, relaxed and knowledgeable delivery. Excellent content that can be used in a very practical way. Very supportive…”

“An intimate atmosphere conducive to exploration and learning by sharing”

“The course within each module and as a whole is presented in an incredibly palatable way. This allowed my learning to be very powerful and also sometimes very subtle”

“These 3 days have been a real journey of potential to understand and influence myself and others in such a positive way… can’t wait to practice!”

“It was for me an extraordinary weekend. I learned a great deal about myself and things I want to change to achieve my goals!”

“Field & Field continually adapt the seminars to meet the differing needs of all the participants. Great juggling act! Thanks!!!”

“A great insight in to self awareness and other people”