Real people that walk the talk

Having previously had a successful business running Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) courses in London, John and Samantha realised that they could offer much more to their customers by moving to a more congruent environment just 2 hours outside of London. They worked out that by the time their participants had paid for their accommodation, travelling costs, parking, and food, staying in the inspiring Cotswolds area of the English countryside would not only cost them less in terms of time and money, but would be an altogether better experience.

They now live in the picturesque Cotswold village of Conderton with their two young boys. For them NLP is just a natural part of life, enriching everything from their business planning to their parenting skills. Together, they now run their thriving training business, from what is probably the best NLP training centre in the country.

Their academic and professional backgrounds are very different, and together they bring to the courses an extremely wide range of life experiences and skills. Whilst John graduated and worked as an applied physicist and comes very much from a science background, Samantha’s degree was in fine art and education and very much routed in the arts. Both however have always had an active interest in psychology. John’s particular interest in NLP came about whilst he was doing his MBA and for Samantha it was very much part of her Post Graduate studies at the University of Surrey on the Education of Adults. Their combined work now constitutes more than 40 years of applying NLP principals to a vast array of work and life contexts.

Samantha Field at Field & FieldSamantha Field

Samantha has 30 years of experience of using NLP in schools and adult education. Her own creative outlet is painting and much of her work is to do with helping people to free their own creativity, overcome blocks and the development of their own creative career. True to the principals of NLP she takes a very holistic approach. Starting with where the individual is now she then works towards getting a clear picture of what the person wants to achieve then ensures they have the self motivation and practical business sense to succeed.

Samantha is also an accomplished entrepreneur with bags of energy and a huge capacity for work. Her ‘can do’ approach to life results in her always having several projects on the go at the same time and people wondering, “How does she have time for it all?” Whilst teaching in schools she was involved with the Princes’ Trust business enterprise scheme, careers advice and work placement.

Weekends and school holiday times have always been put to good use. Alongside the Art galleries that she owned and co-managed for 20 years, she owned and managed 6 holiday cottages and had 30 outlets, including the National trust, selling Art Cards of Samantha’s original paintings. On moving to Conderton she was awarded substantial funding, from the arts council, to set up and market ‘Bredon Hill Open Studios’ to help rejuvenate local creative businesses.

Today, along side her teaching, coaching and training she is a successful property Samantha Field at Field & Field delivering NLP trainingdeveloper, using her creative skills to transform both the interiors and exteriors of property and is currently working on her eighth renovation. When that is finished, she can get back to some painting as she has a backlog of customers waiting for work.

If you want to find out how to start or develop a creative business see Samantha. Along with her  marketing and business accomplishments within organisations and as an entrepreneur, she has a proven track record, bags of real life practical experience and loves helping others to succeed. Samantha is available for 1-2-1 coaching for starting up and building creative businesses. Samantha is a registered provider of the Myers – Briggs Type Instrument (MBTI™) and is currently involved in research into new NLP techniques to help people work more creatively and with greater confidence.

Samantha Field at Field & FieldSamantha is particularly known for her success in coaching people through transitions in their creative path. For example:

  • Helping creative’s find the right course of study to develop their talent
  • Launching a creative career
  • Dealing with obstacles to creative flow
  • Helping anyone become more creative
  • Helping teachers and parents to develop the creativity of children


John Field at Field & Field delivering NLP trainingJohn Field

Before becoming a trainer, consultant and coach John’s first 14 years of corporate life were characterised by leading collaborations and troubleshooting roles requiring focus, excellent communications (across all levels) and strategic thinking to bring about successful and sustainable change. John has travelled extensively to work with companies such as Intel, Samsung, Hitachi, IBM and many others and has had a rich and diverse experience of working in a wide range of corporate and international cultures.

John has always had a keen interest in John Field at Field & Field delivering NLP trainingpeople; how they work, what motivates them and how well they work together with others in different organisations and cultures. John discovered NLP whilst completing his MBA in the mid 90’s and quickly realised that NLP offers individuals and organisations highly effective concepts, tools and techniques to fill the gaps that many management and personal development activities miss. He has a particular interest in helping others create great working environments and major work transitions such as from Expert-to-Manager and Manager-to-Leader.

In addition to being a registered provider of the MBTI and FIRO-B psychological profiling tools John has spent years studying with people like Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Robert Dilts, Judith Delozier, Stephen Gilligan and other leading thinkers in the field of NLP and human development. From all these courses he has taken the best that these trainers have to offer and made it his own. Joining forces with the creative talents of Samantha Field, they have put together, what many consider to be, the most comprehensive, practical and enjoyable NLP courses on the market today.

John Field at Field & FieldJohn is particularly known as a coach who:

  • Teaches managers and leaders how to coach within organisations
  • Helps organisations create a coaching and high performance culture
  • Helps others develop their own coaching career
  • Enables significant career transitions such as ‘Expert to Manager’ and ‘Manager to Leader’